It’s Bandcamp Friday!

Unlike Spotify, Bandcamp is the best way for fans, artists and musicians to avoid corporate graft. Today is Bandcamp Friday, so 100% of sales go directly to artists.

We just restocked our Midnight Sun shirt, Bats logo shirt, and just got our second run of Midnight Sun CDs! We have a few vinyl copies as well!

If you would like anything autographed we would be happy to do that for you just let us know when you order, no extra charge!

Order today at

Folks in Europe should use Bat Cave Productions for ordering the Midnight Sun and Epitaph CDs:

A new venue in Athens, GA!

A brand new club is opening up on the West Side of Athens. Bogart to be pedantic. It’s called Spaceball Bazaar and they’ve already held a handful of shows – with many more booked.

Word on the street is that we are making a special appearance there to help break shit in, on 4/20/24. It’s a fun space with art – and TELESCOPES. Yeah, like honest real life space telescopes. The owners are enthusiasts and will have at least one of them set up for viewing that night.

Spaceball Bazaar
130 N Church St, Bogart, GA 30622

Later days

Our old site was originally written way back in 2004, I custom made the rollover navigation layout by hand probably using Dreamweaver or some shit. For big lols I restored the OG site in 2020, knowing I’d eventually have to update it. That day has come!

So pour one out for the original Tears website, it’s now in the archives!