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In the Shadow of the Midnight Sun

Our new album In the Shadow of the Midnight Sun releases globally on February 16, 2024!

In the Shadow of the Midnight Sun

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This track is all about using dance to deal with anxiety and depression. 🦇💃 Even taking a solo stroll or going for a walk with a friend in a nearby cemetery or nature trail can do wonders to boost our mood and outlook. "Dead Girl Dancing" brings a positive and energetic groove with an infectious chorus and introspective lyrics 🎶🖤
released February 2, 2004

Please note CW/TW for lyrics in this song: bullying, suicide, and violence against bullies.

The lyrics are heavy and tell a tragic tale about a trans woman, her bully from high school, and a final closing of a circle.

If you are struggling today and need help, please reach out to a friend, mental health professional, and/or the @translifeline at (877) 565-8860.
released January 5, 2024

released November 17, 2023

released November 17, 2023

released October 6, 2023

Ikinokotta translates to "I Survived" in Japanese. It is a song about overcoming mental health hell and growing to become a better person on the other side.
released July 21, 2023

released April 28, 2023

Our new single Kaiju Releases late April, 2023

released June 22, 2022

released June 22, 2022

released May 15, 2021

released March 15, 2021

Released Feb 3, 2021

Released August 14, 2020

released June 12, 2020

released March 19, 2020

Released June 18, 2019

released October 19, 2018

Lenny's Bar (Atlanta GA) 3 SEP 2005

released October 31, 2004

released December 20, 2003